Russia has deployed troops to Karabakh after the Moscow-Brocade Agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As per the agreement, Russian peacekeepers were stationed there on Tuesday morning. However, Ezri’s president Ilham Aliyev said that not only Russia but also the Turkish army would be deployed in the area. They will work for peace.

Russia’s intervention in the agreement promises to end the war on both sides. Azerbaijan welcomed the agreement. Meanwhile, protests started in Armenia.

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev described the agreement as a resounding victory for his country. On the other hand, Armenian Prime Minister Nicholas Pashinian described the agreement as painful for himself and the people of his country. Experts also say that Azerbaijan has won the agreement.

“This decision is indescribable and painful for me and our people personally and for our people,” said Armenian Prime Minister Nicholas Pashinyan. However, the government came to this conclusion after an in-depth analysis of the current military situation. In the current situation this is the best solution. There was no way to stop the war except to accept the deal.

Naturally, Azerbaijan welcomed the agreement.

Azeri’s President Ilham said that Azerbaijan was forced to compromise because of Azerbaijan’s military success. This will allow us to return to our area without any bleeding.

By agreement, Nagorno-Karabakh will remain where it is at the moment. In the past week, Azerbaijan has saved many important cities from Armenian separatists. On Sunday, he rescued a strategically important city on a hill very close to the capital. From where it is possible to monitor the capital of Karabakh. As a result, Azerbaijan has benefited from the agreement.

In a television interview after the deal, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would keep an eye on the deal. This will be taken care of so that neither can start a new war. Around 2,000 Russian troops will be deployed along the disputed territory and border between the two countries. They will work for peace. Not only this, quick transfer of prisoners of war will also be arranged.

Putin said that the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan would be opened. The boundary that was blocked will no longer exist.

Meanwhile, protests began in the Armenian capital soon after the agreement was signed. Ordinary people are opposed to the agreement.

The deal took place approximately six weeks after the war. Sometimes there were three ceasefire agreements between the two countries. Twice with Russian mediation and once with American intervention. But three times the contract was broken within minutes. However, Monday’s agreement is not expected to be broken. Because, Armenia has clearly conceded defeat. Meanwhile, Russian forces have also been deployed.

Although the Nagorno-Karbakh region is located inside Azerbaijan, it is controlled by Armenian separatists under the aegis of the Yerevan government. In the late 1970s, conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan began to take control of the region. The conflict ended in the fall of the former Soviet Union in 1991. 30,000 people were killed in the conflict until a ceasefire was established between the two sides in 1994. Later, in early 2016, the two sides also joined the conflict.

The old conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the Nagorno-Karbakh region resumed on 26 September. Russian President Vladimir Putin says that at least 5,000 people have already been killed in the conflict. The death toll is rising. More than two thousand people on both sides have lost their lives.

Armenia is a member of the former Soviet Union military alliance led by Russia. Again, Turkey is a close ally of Azerbaijan. Turkish and Azeri politicians use a sentence to describe the relationship between the two countries. It is, one nation, two countries. ‘People of both countries have similarities in language, culture and religion. Source: DW, Al Jazeera.

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