Sanctions against Turkey over the gas dispute will be discussed at the upcoming EU summit. President Erdogan is unimpressed.

In view of the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was not impressed by possible sanctions against his country in the dispute over natural gas exploration in the Mediterranean. Any decision on sanctions “has no particular impact on Turkey,” Erdogan said on Wednesday. Regarding the border conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean, Erdogan said Turkey would not withdraw and would continue to protect its rights. His country would “not bow to threats or blackmail”.

The EU Heads of State or Government Summit will discuss possible sanctions against Turkey over the controversial gas search in the Eastern Mediterranean. EU members such as Greece and Cyprus accuse Turkey of illegally investigating natural gas reserves there. The Turkish government rejects the allegations and takes the view that the search for natural gas is legitimate.

More hostile messages

Charles Michel, President of the EU Council, had previously said that the assessment of developments since the beginning of October was not positive. There have been other unilateral acts and hostile reports and rhetoric. Therefore, the next steps will be discussed at the EU summit.

The EU heads of state or government decided in early October to conduct a review of Turkish politics at the December summit. At the same time, it was agreed to deploy all possible instruments and options in the event of new unilateral measures by Turkey – including possibly new sanctions. In case the conflict with the EU countries Greece and Cyprus calms down, Turkey has been promised closer cooperation.

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