Veteran Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders’ predictions about the US election came true. This is what he predicted in an interview two weeks ago. The video of that interview caused a storm on social media.

Barney was a candidate in the Democrat primary. But then let’s move on. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon last month, the Vermont senator said Trump could claim an unfounded victory in the election night, and the results would be in Biden’s favor once the postal vote count began.

Commenting on the election results, Barney said in an interview that a tense situation could arise after the vote, how it could take a dramatic turn over time, and how President Donald Trump would react. Incidentally, Barney’s prediction matched reality. Absolutely literal. A video clip of that interview has recently gone viral. It has been watched by at least 26 million viewers in the last 24 hours.

Barney Sanders said, whatever the reason, from various elections it seems that a majority of Democrats supporting the Democrats will vote in the postal ballot. Many states, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, may receive large numbers of postal votes. And most of those standing in line to vote are likely to be Republican supporters. ‘

Noting that postal vote counting takes extra time, Barney said, “every vote is important.” Therefore it is necessary to count the votes properly. Trump may be ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania until 10 a.m. on Election Day. He may have declared victory on television. He thanked everyone for being re-elected. ‘

In fact, the same thing has happened. At a news conference in the White House, Trump said, “Millions of people have voted for me.” I have already won. ‘But there are still several lakh votes to be counted. A large part of which is the postal vote.

The next scene was exactly as Barney had anticipated. He said the situation could take a dramatic turn after the vote or the day after. The results of the vote may change as the postal ballot count moves forward. The opposition that Biden can win in those states. At the time, Trump could say, “The whole thing is a scam.” The postal vote is rigged. I will not relinquish power. “

Incidentally, his beliefs are exactly the same. Biden won in Wisconsin, Michigan. Trump has made it clear that he does not accept this result. He will be at the door of the Supreme Court.

Viral part of that interview with Barney Sanders-

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