Saudi Arabian women’s lawyer and human rights activist Luzain al-Hasul has started a hunger strike. The famous activist has been in jail since 2016. His family told the British news agency Reuters that he had gone on hunger strike to protest against his family’s refusal to meet or talk on the phone.

A prominent Saudi lawyer, Luzain al-Hasul, was arrested on charges of conspiring to destroy the country’s security, stability and social harmony. In August 2019, his family complained that he was physically and sexually abused while in custody. At the time, her relatives claimed that Luzine was offered to appear in the video and to tell her that she had not been physically or sexually abused. Only then will he be released.

Her sister, Lina al-Hasul, told Reuters on Tuesday that Luzen had been on hunger strike since Monday. She is not allowed to talk on the phone with her family, nor is she allowed to show by Saudi authorities. The government is being misused by him.

Earlier, in August, Luzhin went on a six-day hunger strike. At that time, he was only allowed to receive one phone call a day from family members, and two family members could visit him every six months.

Lujain, a 31-year-old graduate of the University of British Columbia in Canada, has been detained at the Al-Haier prison in the capital Riyadh. She was one of the prominent leaders in the movement to lift the ban on women’s driving. In 2014 he was detained for 60 days.

Lujine served to ban women for the rights of women in a notorious state. The eminent lawyer was a vocal critic of the ban on women’s travel, obtaining passports and registering children’s right to marry and divorce without parental permission. In April 2016, the United Arab Emirates arrested Luzain and handed him over to Saudi Arabia. He was arrested in May the same year along with 10 other activists.

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