Abdelhamid Sabiri left SC Paderborn after just one year for Italy. He shot his ex-trainer in a podcast. He now responds with clear words.

In late September, Abdelhamid Sabiri joined Italy’s second division Ascoli Calcio – and shortly thereafter spoke on football platform FUMS’s “SerieAmore” podcast about why his time at SC Paderborn ended prematurely after just one season.

“I think the coach wanted to implement a different game philosophy that I no longer fit into,” said Sabiri. He continued: “I think I helped the club last year.”

Baumgart: Sabiri “good example of poor self-image”

Paderborn’s head coach Steffen Baumgart sees it very differently. When the “Westfalen-Blatt” asked about Sabiri’s statements, the coach reacted angrily. “If a player has 24 games in one season, it is not unlikely that he will be on the field if he wins,” the 48-year-old continued to growl. But that’s not all: Baumgart started attacking Sabiri.

“I never felt like Hamid helped our team in any way,” Baumgart exclaimed before adding, “In retrospect, it was a mistake that we had brought him.” Sabiri doesn’t work “for a team, he only works for himself,” said the former Bundesliga forward.

Sabiri is “a prime example of poor self-esteem,” says Baumgart, “so it would have been better if he had kept his mouth shut.”

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