President-elect Trump has placed great hopes on a lawsuit before the Supreme Court. With that too he is now blown away. The US president then expressed his frustration on Twitter.

In the fight against his electoral defeat, US President Donald Trump has sharply criticized the US Supreme Court following his setback at the Supreme Court. “This is a great and scandalous miscarriage of justice. The people of the United States have been betrayed and our country has been embarrassed,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. The incumbent president again claimed that he did not lose the election but won with a “landslide victory”. There is no basis for this. President-elect Joe Biden – a Democrat – will be sworn in on January 20.

Trump sees himself robbed of his victory by electoral fraud. However, neither he nor his lawyers have provided convincing evidence. The Supreme Court had dismissed a case by the state of Texas against the results of the presidential election on Friday night. Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton wanted to undo Biden’s victory in four other states. The Supreme Court said Texas has not explained why the state should have a legitimate interest in how other states conduct their elections.

“We just started fighting”

“The Supreme Court has really failed us. No wisdom, no courage,” Trump wrote. He announced that he would continue to fight against his defeat. “We just started fighting !!!” Trump wrote in capital letters. Twitter fed several tweets from the president with warnings that his alleged manipulation in the election is controversial.

Trump also attacked Republican governors for Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey states in Georgia and Arizona. They had opposed Trump’s attempts to counter Biden’s victory in their states. Trump wrote on Saturday: “You have allowed states that I have won to be easily stolen. Never forget that, take them out of office!”

Trump also criticized Attorney General William Barr. The Wall Street Journal reported that Barr had been aware of investigations against Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden since the spring. Barr wanted to keep this investigation out of the election campaign. Trump retweets a Twitter message calling for Barr’s resignation if the report is true. The president wrote, “A great disappointment!”

Only legal defeats so far

The Texas trial was not given a realistic chance. The same is true of Trump’s ongoing efforts to undo the outcome. The Trump camp has received more than 50 legal defeats to date, but is still not giving up the fight. In no state did the presidential supporters change the outcome of the November 3 election.

The Supreme Court had just rejected a request for an injunction last Tuesday, which the Trump camp sought to destroy the election results in Pennsylvania. Critics see Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat as an attempt to continue to collect donations from supporters.

Trump had applied to participate in the Texas-sought procedure, arguing, among other things, that he did not need to prove fraud. It is only necessary to demonstrate that the procedure deviated from the demands of the local parliaments. In addition, Trump camp lawyers allege that the alleged irregularities in individual states destroyed the evidence of the fraud so that it can no longer be proven.

Secession from American states?

Paxton filed suit against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan in the Supreme Court on Monday. He claimed that the constitution had been violated there during the elections. Therefore, the results there should not be taken into account. In addition to Trump, Republican Justice Ministers from 17 states and 126 Republican MPs from the US House of Representatives were behind Paxton’s lawsuit. 22 other states and US territories opposed this. The accused states rejected the initiative as an abuse of the legal system.

The head of the Texas Republicans, Allen West, brought about a secession of US states after the Supreme Court ruling. West spoke of a precedent “that states that states can violate the US Constitution and cannot be held responsible,” a statement said. “Maybe law-abiding states should unite and form a union of constitutional-abiding states.”

The result will be read to the congress in January

The relevant US authorities had stated that the choice was the safest ever in the US. Attorney General Barr had also recently said there was no evidence of fraud to the extent that it could change the outcome of the election. All 50 states and the capital Washington have certified their results.

The results of each state are the key to winning the presidential election. The US president is not directly elected by the people, but by 538 electoral people who usually vote based on the outcome in their respective states. 270 votes are required for victory. According to the results, Biden got 306 voters behind him. The state electorate vote is scheduled for Monday. The result will be officially read in Congress in Washington on January 6.

Following the death of Liberal Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September, Trump had been pressuring to quickly fill the Supreme Court seat with Conservative attorney Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court election. He also explicitly referred to a possible dispute over the outcome of the election. The Conservatives now dominate the court with a majority of six to three votes. However, the Trump camp’s previous lawsuits have been dismissed by judges regardless of whether they were nominated by Democratic or Republican presidents.

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