Matchday 11

Augsburg (AP) – Schalke 04 simply cannot win. After serious concerns about injured striker Mark Uth, FC Augsburg won the much needed victory of the Royal Blues shortly before the end.

Marco Richter scored the equalizer for FCA in the third minute of injury time to make it 2-2 (1-0). The Schalke winless series continued with the 27th attempt – at the former workplace of S04 trainer Manuel Baum.

“Crazy. You have to come to terms with that first,” Schalke’s team manager Sascha Riether said on Sky TV and added, looking at the late goal, “That’s really, really bitter, but we’ll get up again. You can see. that we are. very close. “

Benito Raman (52nd minute) and in the majority Nassim Boujellab (61st) played a stubborn fighting game for the guests with their goals. But it shouldn’t be enough. Schalke has to wait for the first success since the 2-0 victory over Gladbach on January 17, 2020 and is at the bottom of the table with only four points.

The FCA, which led to the break with an own goal by Suat Serdar, is in tenth place of the table thanks to the late equalizer. After the yellow-red card for striker Florian Niederlechner (54th), the hosts played in the minority for a long time.

For Baum, the return to Augsburg was an emotionally extreme day. The match against his ex-club, where he was fired in 2019, was of course “a special one” for the 41-year-old. And it started shockingly with attacker Uth’s accident. The ex-national player hit his head on the grass after an aerial duel with his opponent Felix Uduokhai and remained motionless.

The 29-year-old had to be treated for minutes, several doctors and paramedics took care of Uth in the square. His neck was stabilized and an IV was given before he could be carried away on the stretcher. After a long medical treatment FC Schalke received the message during the match that Uth was “approachable and stable” on the way to the hospital.

“That was a very delicate moment. He has to stay in the hospital one night. It was dramatic, we didn’t know what was going on. The team wanted to play the game for Mark,” said Riether.

As Riether confirmed, referee Manuel Graefe asked Schalke’s team if they wanted to and could keep playing. That was answered in the affirmative. The goal for Augsburg then initially fit into the picture of an unfortunate Schalke day: a free kick, which ex-Schalke Daniel Caligiuri shot from the left sideline into the penalty area, extended national player Serdar with the tips of his hair in his own goal.

After the terrible scene with Uth, it was a game under special psychological circumstances. Nevertheless, the duels on the field were often too tough. Uduokhai hit Nassim Boujellab’s head again in mid-air. Schalke’s player was able to continue playing with a blue turban after the treatment.

When Niederlechner met opponent Salif Sané with his hand in the face after a head duel, Graefe drew yellow-red against the FCA attacker. An overly difficult decision and a key scene. Raman had previously exploited a bad pass from Carlos Gruezo to go in the 1: 1 direction alone. Schalke struck again with eleven to ten. Serdar served Boujellab in the penalty area – and the Moroccan scored his first goal of the season. But the hosts did not give up. Rani Khedira missed a big chance for Augsburg to make it 2-2. Then it was Richter after Michael Gregoritsch’s flank.

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