No victory in the league and financial worries: FC Schalke 04 is in a deep crisis. At the very least, to alleviate the lack of money, the players should forgo pay – but they probably reject that.

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The FC Schalke 04 players have refused to relinquish their wages again. At least that’s what the “Bild” reports. Demancher, the players should have had to forgo ten percent of their payouts retroactively from August. The club wanted to absorb its financial problems.

The players should especially suffer from the fact that they have to collect less wages afterwards. Schalke would have promised that the players will get the money back, but only if profit is again generated from audience income. When that could happen, however, is uncertain due to the pandemic situation.

The Schalke professionals had previously also completely forgiven 15 percent of their income. Another 15 percent was delayed. Captain Omar Mascarell told “Bild” at the time: “Many workers do not earn a lot of money but have to pay their rent on time, make a living. They have children who need to be looked after. We are Schalke, we are a family, we help. each other. ”He also assured at the time that the players would be willing to part with their income again at a later date.

Schalke is heavily indebted

The employees of the association are currently working with reduced working hours. In June, the club had also taken out a loan of EUR 35 million, for which the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia took over the guarantee. Due to the lack of spectators at home games, Schalke’s team lost ticket revenues of ten million euros in the first half of the year. In addition, millions are still missing that would otherwise have been generated on match day through catering or sponsorship contracts.

Schalke also has liabilities of EUR 205.3 million. According to the association, these “will increase with an average reach of millions of euros in double digits.” In response to the corona pandemic, the Gelsenkirchen-based company has now included a “corona clause” in new player contracts. These clauses are intended to ensure that wage losses take effect automatically in certain cases, without first having to negotiate a waiver with the players.

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