Scheuer criticizes the lack of a European approach to the movement of goods

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is irritated by the lack of cooperation between the EU countries. Despite corona restrictions, goods must reach their destination. There is currently only one solution.

After the extension of border controls, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer was once again angry at the lack of European coordination in goods and goods traffic. “Yes, I am somewhat dissatisfied with the European approach,” the CSU politician said in the ARD on Thursday morning “Magazin”. Scheuer recalled that, despite corona restrictions, goods and goods can be transported from one country to another. “Nevertheless, we often have backlogs at borders, of course.”

Such problems can only be resolved bilaterally “because we have no European commitment to the border regime,” said Scheuer. “We have to call a lot with our Polish neighbors, with our Czech neighbors.” Coordination works better with France and Austria, according to the minister.

Checks at the German borders introduced during the Corona crisis will continue for 20 days until 4 May. The borders with Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland are monitored for a month. However, there is no control during the crossing to Belgium and the Netherlands.

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