Hamburg (AP) – coach Martin Schwalb of Bundesliga club Rhein-Neckar Löwen sees with great concern the charges in the coming handball season. “It’s crazy,” said the 57-year-old in an interview with “Hamburger Abendblatt”.

The Bundesliga was increased from 18 to 20 teams after it was canceled last season due to the corona pandemic. There are also European Cup matches and, for national players, the World Cup in Egypt in January, Olympic qualifiers in March and the Summer 2021 Olympics.

“Hopefully it is a unique situation that cannot be repeated in this brutal form. The risk of injury is enormous,” warned Schwalb. But it’s not just the races: “The trips are also important. We took the bus from Mannheim to the European Cup race in Denmark. That doesn’t exactly stimulate regeneration.”

He called the waiver of players’ wages in view of the economic consequences for the clubs caused by Corona “without alternative”. “The issue has been clarified and resolved with us, even though it remains painful to receive less pay for more work this season,” said Schwalb.

With the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, he starts the Bundesliga season on October 4 against TVB Stuttgart. He has been a trainer in Mannheim since February. He is currently acting as Vice President of HSV Hamburg’s second division.

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