Sebastian Vettel gives reasons to switch to Aston Martin

From 2021, the still-Ferrari driver will sit in the cockpit of the British racing team returning to Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel explains his decision in favor of Aston Martin in detail – and gives the main reasons.

Before Sebastian Vettel moved from Ferrari to Aston Martin in 2021, he had to deal intensively with a layoff. When asked how close he got to this decision, the 33-year-old replied on Thursday, “Close. No idea, is there any measure of how close you can get?” Vettel has “thought a lot” in this regard. “I had to do what was best for me. In the meantime, I am convinced that this step is the right one. And I look forward to proving it.”

After retiring from Scuderia at the end of this season, Vettel signed a contract from 2021 with Racing Point, which will start as the Aston Martin factory team. “I want to be in the front of the field and not at the end of the field,” Vettel emphasized for the 1000th Ferrari Grand Prix in Mugello.

“There is much hope and much faith”

Several factors played a role in his decision: “There were two aspects: I had to figure out where this team could grow. And what I heard I liked. The question that took a little longer was: what do I want personally? But when that was resolved. , it went quickly. “

Aston Martin is an “exciting project,” said the four-time world champion. And further: “I am convinced of the team and of its strengths. You have not had as much money as the big boys in recent years, and you have still done an excellent job. You can prove a lot to many people. I cannot do anything promise. But there is much hope and much faith. “

The total package is right – and still offers a lot of potential: “The performance of this team is impressive, and for the next year they will have the same money available as their opponents for the first time. And then they can finally show what they can do.”

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