Second offender dies after robbery of jeweler

In Lower Saxony two armed men tried to raid a jewelry store. Shots rang out. Ultimately, both suspects are dead, the police are looking for witnesses.

A second suspect also died after an alleged robbery of an old jeweler in Celle. The jeweler allegedly shot a suspected perpetrator on Monday and initially seriously injured another, who died in hospital on Monday evening, police announced on Tuesday morning. First reported the “Cellesche Zeitung”.

The exact course of the crime is still unclear, said a spokeswoman. Police asked witnesses to come forward. The researchers mainly hope for tourist photos that could have been taken by chance at the site of the event in the old city.

At first it was not clear who exactly were the perpetrators

According to what we know so far, the two men entered the jewelry store in the pedestrian zone armed on Monday afternoon, according to the police they were planning a robbery. At that time, only the owner couple, aged 71 and 72, were in the business premises. Events in the established company then apparently got out of hand and several shots were fired. Initially it was not clear who exactly the two alleged perpetrators are. But there are initial clues to their identities, the researchers said.

A police spokeswoman at the crime scene declined to provide further details for tactical reasons. A larger part of the pedestrian zone was cordoned off with a tape recorder and police officers were at work in the jewelry store. From the outside there was nothing to indicate the attack. The windows of the shop, which also sells expensive china, were not damaged by the gunfire.

Violators may have moved in a wheelchair

Tuesday morning it was also said that there were indications that the alleged perpetrators had moved in a wheelchair. Whether this was medically necessary or a camouflage has not yet been established.

Jewelers in Germany have been the target of armed robbery again and again, some of them injured or killed. It is not uncommon for the owners to have their own weapon for protection. In 2014 in Moers, Lower Rhine, a jeweler, surprised by two masked men, shot at the intruders, one of the two died of his injuries. In another raid on Siegen in 2004, the owner’s wife picked up the gun after an argument between a robber and her husband. The criminal has been shot.

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