A spectacular race weekend is coming: Formula 1 is returning to Germany due to the Corona crisis – and top talent Mick Schumacher will do laps in the first free practice. Chillreport reveals where you can watch the race weekend in the Eifel on TV and live stream.

This race weekend offers several highlights, especially for German Formula 1 fans. Because there was actually no race in Germany planned for the 2020 season – due to the newly recorded races in Vietnam (Hanoi) and the Netherlands (Zandvoort), there was no longer any place in the tight schedule. But the Corona crisis messed up Formula 1’s plans, there were cancellations. Suddenly, there was a need for racetracks that could race effortlessly and without much preparation – so the Nürburgring came back into play as the “Grand Prix of the Eifel”. The track was the last part of the Formula 1 season seven years ago. 15,000 spectators are now admitted under strict conditions. In the video above or here we will introduce you to the legendary route and take you on a virtual scenic flight.

And: a top talent with a big name will drive his first Formula 1 laps during a race weekend in the 1st free practice! Mick Schumacher replaces Antonio Giovinazzi in the Alfa Romeo, who has to leave his cockpit at least for the first session on Friday. The 21-year-old is currently leading the Formula 2 World Championship and has long been considered a candidate for a place on a premier class racing team. “He deserves his chance,” said Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel beforehand. And further: “I hope he can get a cockpit for next year. He’s a great boy.”

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Chillreport reveals where you can watch the race weekend in the Eifel on TV and live stream.

Where can I watch the Grand Prix of the Eifel?

The race weekend will be broadcast in whole or in part on RTL, NTV, the pay-TV channel Sky and on F1-TV.

When are the individual sessions?

The 1. Free practice is on Friday 3 July from 11.00 am on De 2. Free practice starts at 3 p.m., in both sessions the teams each have 90 minutes to test their cars. The 60-minute session will follow on Saturday 3. Free practice from noon it starts at 3 pm. Qualifying. The race weekend ends the race on Sunday, from 2:10 pm You can follow all sessions in the live ticker on Chillreport.

Will the Grand Prix of the Eifel be broadcast on free TV?

Ntv shows the 2nd free practice live, RTL will then broadcast the qualification and the race live. The 3rd free practice can only be seen in the summary on RTL. The paid offers Sky and F1 TV show all sessions live.

Where does the Eifel Grand Prix run in the live stream?

The entire race weekend can be followed live on Sky and Sky Go, and Formula 1’s own F1 TV service will also broadcast all data.

Where does the Eifel Grand Prix run in the live ticker?

Chillreport is included in all sessions in the live ticker.

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