Seven Rochester Police Officers Suspended

In March, a black man had already died after a police operation in New York State. The officials concerned must now answer. Meanwhile, people continue to protest against racism and violence.

Seven officers were suspended following an incident during a police operation in New York State, after which a black man died. That said the mayor of Rochester in the northwest of the state on Thursday (local time). The incident took place in March, US media reported.

A video shows several police officers arresting a 41-year-old man running through the streets naked and under the influence of drugs. They put on a hood of some sort to keep him from being spit on and pressed his head on the asphalt. The man died in hospital a week later. Numerous people again protested against police brutality and racism in Rochester and other cities. New York State Attorney Letitia James promised a “fair and independent investigation.”

New incidents also in Washington and Los Angeles

There was also an incident in the capital, Washington, where a black man was murdered by a police officer. A patrol was alerted on Wednesday to investigate reports of an armed person in the southeast of the city, police said. When the officers arrived, two people fled on foot. One of them was busy with a gun, so an officer shot her, he said. The 18-year-old died of his injuries a little later in hospital.

Police also released the police officer’s bodycam video on Thursday, showing the suspect’s chase and shot. The agents involved in the operation were on leave for the duration of an investigation.

In contrast, in the California metropolis of Los Angeles, an officer on Monday shot a black cyclist carrying a gun.

Since the murder of unarmed African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in the city of Minneapolis in late May in late May, a heated debate about racism and police brutality has sparked in the United States, which has also sparked protests. About two weeks ago, police shot a black man in the back several times in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The case of Jacob Blake, who survived seriously injured, sparked new protests.

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