There was unrest in a correctional institution in Thuringia and several people were injured. In one cell and also in the courtyard, several inmates are said to have ignored the guards’ requests.

Several prisoners were injured in unrest in a prison in the south of Thuringia. In both a cell and the courtyard of the prison in Untermaßfeld, several inmates ignored the guards’ requests on Tuesday evening, police said. Accordingly, smoke developed in the cell and two men suffered from smoke poisoning. Another inmate was slightly injured when he was arrested by officers.

According to police, ten men also ignored the instructions of the officers in the courtyard of the prison. Pepper spray was used against them and two of the men suffered mild eye irritation. Another inmate developed circulatory problems and had to be examined by a doctor. Police said the situation was “within a very short time” under control. There was never a risk of an outbreak. Criminal police are now investigating mutiny in the prison. Initially, the police could not provide any information about the reasons for the unrest.

Thuringia Justice Minister Dirk Adams (Greens) thanked the emergency services “for their sober and swift intervention”. According to the Justice Department, the prison has 345 places for male inmates and is designed for prison terms of up to two and a half years.

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