A surfer goes missing after a shark attack off Australia’s west coast. So far, emergency services have only been able to trace his surfboard. The beach is known for these calamities.

In Western Australia, a surfer goes missing after a shark attack. The man was attacked by the predatory fish off Kelp Beds Beach near the town of Esperance on Friday morning (local time), local authorities said. Despite an immediately initiated rescue operation, only the victim’s surfboard was initially found. Lifeguards searched the sea with jet skis.

Eyewitnesses said a giant shark attacked the man and threw him into the air, the broadcaster 7News reported. Friends who were nearby tried to paddle near him but couldn’t have helped. “Obviously, his chances of survival are pretty slim, given what we’ve been told,” the broadcaster quoted spokesman Justin Tarasinski. When it got dark, the search was initially interrupted, but it would resume on Saturday, the paper said.

The secluded beach is closed. The area is notorious for such attacks: three years ago, a 17-year-old woman in the area was bitten by a shark and later died of her serious injuries. In 2014, a 23-year-old surfer was attacked. He lost one arm and the other hand. This year alone, there have been six fatal shark attacks Down Under.

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