Centenary British Bangladeshi Dabirul Islam Chaudhary has received a special award from the Queen of Britain. According to a BBC report, he received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday in recognition of raising funds for those affected by the coronovirus crisis. It may be mentioned that even during the war of liberation in 1971, he collected money in the interest of the people of his country.

According to the BBC, Dabirul scored 960 points on foot throughout Ramadan to raise ₹ 420,000 (about 4.5 crore rupees in Bangladeshi currency) for the charity, scoring 970 in the garden in front of his house in the Bo area. The money raised for a charity called the Ramadan Family Commitment was donated to Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for 117,000. The remaining amount was distributed to 26 more charities. This money is used for various charitable activities including food for poor and needy people affected by the epidemic in various countries including Bangladesh.

Dabirul told the BBC that another British century, the NHS, was inspired by the news of walking in its backyard to raise $ 33 million for Britain’s National Health Service. He then set foot in the front section of his London flat, aiming to raise just the 1,000. However, the response was overwhelming. Carer Starr of United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Leader of the Opposition Labor praised Dabirul Islam’s fundraising initiative.

In an interview with BBC Bangla, Dabirul Islam Chaudhary said that he was receiving the OBE medal from the Bengali society, the elderly and immigrant community in Britain. He said he was surprised to receive a letter from the Queen’s office a few weeks before receiving the OBE medal. “When we do a good job, we don’t think of any particular achievement,” he said. “Nevertheless I am very happy for this recognition.”

He said that the medal would not change the normal course of Dabirul’s life. However, he said he would be happy only if his work encouraged someone else. He hopes that after receiving the Queen’s Medal, people’s support for the charity associated with him will increase.

Dabirul’s son Atik Chaudhary said that Dabirul Islam Chowdhury was associated with a charity called Bangla Mahila Sangha in Derai, his birthplace, Sylhet. The institution provides maintenance and education to poor, helpless and orphan girls regardless of religion and caste. At present there are 320 girls in this institution. He said that BRAC University has taken responsibility for his higher education.

Born on 1 January 1920 in Kulanj village of Derai police station in Sunamganj district, Dabirul moved to Britain in 1956. After his studies, he engaged in community work as well as working there. His wife Khalida Dabir Chaudhary is a leader of the Bangladesh Awami League of Britain.

Dabirul Islam Chaudhary, a well-known pensioner of the Bengali community, is known by many as the poet Dabirul. Poet-lover Dabirul still recites self-written poems when he goes to a meeting. He wrote hundreds of poems. A book of poetry written by him has also been published.

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