The trial of the case registered in the 2015 attack on the office of French magazine Shirley Abdor begins. The BBC reports that 14 suspects in the case will be brought to justice on Wednesday.

In January 2015, the magazine’s office was attacked for publishing satirical cartoons about the Prophet (PBUH). It killed 12 people, including the cartoonist. A few days later, five people were killed in another attack in Paris.

The trial is scheduled to begin in March 2020. However, it was delayed due to the coronovirus epidemic. The trial is set to continue until November.

Shirley Abdo has published controversial cartoons just before the trial begins. Their latest version is covered with 12 such cartoons.

The 14 suspects in the trial are accused of cooperating in a gun attack carried out by two brothers in the January 8, 2015 incident.

Shirley Abdo’s editorial states that since the 2015 assassination, she has been repeatedly asked to continue the satirical cartoon of the Prophet. However, we have always rejected this request. There is no legal restriction on publishing such cartoons. But there must be a good reason to publish it, a good reason to argue. “

The editorial states that as the 2015 terrorist attack hearing begins this week, we feel the need to republish the cartoon.

What is being said in the case?

Fourteen people have been charged in connection with the attack on Shirley Abdor’s Paris office and later a Jewish supermarket and a police officer. Allegedly, he assisted the gunmen in various ways. The three accused will be tried in their absence. They are believed to have fled to northern Syria and Iraq.

According to the French RFE / RL, about 200 people, including survivors and lawyers, are expected to testify in the case.

What happened in 2015?

On 8 January 2015, two brothers, Saeed and Sheriff Katchi, broke into Shirley Abdo’s office and opened fire. The magazine’s editor, Stephanie Sharbanier, better known as Sharb, died along with four other cartoonists. Other victims included two columnists, a copy editor, a guest (who went there to attend a meeting) and an office caretaker. The editor’s bodyguard and a police officer were also killed in the incident. Two attackers were killed.

Ammi Kulibali, known as the Kuchi brothers, kidnapped several people in a Jewish supermarket and killed a police officer in front of them. The man killed four Jews on 9 January. He was later shot and killed during a gun fight with the police. In a video recording, Kulibali stated that the attack was carried out by the terrorist group IS. Source: BBC, France 24

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