A fire broke out in an elite shopping mall in Mumbai, India on Thursday night. Nagpada Kolkata-based Anandbazar newspaper said that the horrific fire in the city center mall in the area was not under control even on Friday morning. Two fire service personnel were injured while trying to extinguish the fire. Residents of the multi-storey building adjacent to the mall have also been removed.

Citing local sources, Anandbazar said that the first fire broke out at the City Center Mall around 9 pm on Thursday. At that time, a shop in the mall caught fire. At one level it spread to the second and third floors of the mall. As the fire level rose, the news reached the fire brigade at 2:40 pm.
By then, the fire had taken a macabre form. A large fire engine is coming to control the fire. Around 250 firefighters with 24 locomotives and 16 jumbo tanks are extinguishing the fire. Two laborers were injured while doing that work. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. To control the situation, traffic in the area adjacent to the mall has been controlled.
Next to the mall is the 55-story Orchid Enclave Building. Residents have been evacuated due to security reasons. It is learned that with the help of the police fire personnel have evacuated about three and a half thousand residents to a safe place.

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