A terrorist attack has taken place in the center of Vienna. Dozens of shots were reportedly fired. There is at least one death and several injuries. A perpetrator has been arrested.

Monday evening several shots were fired in the center of Vienna. The Ministry of the Interior speaks of a terrorist attack. One perpetrator was reportedly shot and one arrested. Several were injured. Initial reports that the attack was aimed at a nearby synagogue were found to be unconfirmed.

According to police, there were several firefights in the incident at Schwedenplatz. Accordingly, several should have been injured. The weekly newspaper “Falter” reports, citing the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, one dead and several injured. ORF says an attacker has been shot.

One perpetrator has been arrested, others are apparently on the run

An eyewitness video showed a person lying on the floor and a large pool of blood in front of a pub. According to the Ministry of the Interior, a perpetrator has been arrested. According to media reports, other perpetrators could be on the run.

An officer was seriously injured, according to a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Interior. He was shot with a long gun. It has not yet been confirmed whether the nearby synagogue was the target of the attack, the spokeswoman said.

As the president of the Israelite Kultusgemeinde, Oskar Deutsch, told the newspaper “Der Standard”, the synagogue at the crime scene was closed at the time of the incident. There were no more people in the building.

An eyewitness told TV broadcaster ORF that an offender had “shot wildly with an automatic weapon” near the church. Another witness reported on the oe24.TV station that “at least 50 shots” had been fired.

Police cordoned off the area around the scene. A metro station was blocked, “Der Standard” wrote. The population was asked to avoid the city center.

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