Siegmund-Schultze elected as new Gaming Commission president

Karlsruhe (AP) – Holger Siegmund-Schultze is the new president of the second division football team Karlsruher SC. The previous vice president received 60.52 percent of the vote at the extraordinary general meeting of the Badeners, which was practically conducted due to the corona pandemic.

In total, 3012 online members voted. “Professional football is in the biggest crisis since the beginning and we at KSC are in the middle of our own crisis. This means that we have to continue the change process that has been going on at the club for two years and given the challenges that are imminent should not waste time, “said Siegmund-Schultze in his introduction.

In addition to the 53-year-old, four other candidates had also put themselves forward for the successor of ex-President Ingo Wellenreuther, who stepped down in May: former Karlsruhe player and manager Rolf Dohmen, management advisor Kai Gruber, police officer Dorotheé Augustin and Axel Kahn, owner from an advertising agency and brother of former world-class goalkeeper Oliver Kahn.

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