Singapore is fighting to stop the spread of corona in the dormitory of migrant workers

Like other countries of the world, Corona has a negative impact on Singapore’s economy. Meanwhile, the country is fighting to stop the spread of corona in the dormitory of migrant workers.

“We need to be realistic,” said Liang Ho Nam, an infectious disease specialist at Singapore’s famous Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The economy should also continue.

The dormitory is home to more than 300,000 workers in Singapore’s infrastructure and shipbuilding sectors. Many people have to be locked in the same room there. Of the more than 56,000 Corona victims in Singapore, 95 percent are foreign employees or residents of these hostels.

When the corona began to spread, the authorities sealed the dormitory. Extensive tests were conducted there.

After the country was declared tax-free last month, an average of 45 coronas are being identified in these dormitories every day. And outside these hostels, an average of two coronas are being identified per day.

Instead of closing these doormatories completely, the authorities are adopting a different route. Employees are being allowed to go to work only after repeated exams. The emphasis is on following social distances. The situation is being closely monitored. People close to the person being identified are increasingly being taken into isolation.

Singapore’s Minister of State for Human Resources Tan Si Leng said: “We believe it will be possible to bring it under control through repeated testing. Source: Reuters

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