In football, exuberant passion sometimes turns into violence. This is also the case in North Rhine-Westphalia. There, a county league game escalated, in which one player even passed out.

Six people were injured in a massive brawl on a football field in Hilden, North Rhine-Westphalia. A goalkeeper (23) was even kicked unconscious by players from the visiting team from Düsseldorf, a police spokesman reported Friday in Mettmann. The police had to end the uproar on Thursday evening with a larger contingent.

The trigger was an extremely rough match in district C, which the referee eventually dropped. He was subsequently insulted and threatened by several of the visiting team’s players. He took refuge in his cabin.

The police escorted the visiting team

Meanwhile, there were brutal scenes in the square. The goalkeeper of the home team was surrounded by the visiting team and knocked to the ground. Then two players kicked the goalkeeper’s head. He was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Police escorted the visiting team to the sports complex, issued and initiated criminal proceedings against six of their players on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm.

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