On Sinterklaas morning, he is said to have kidnapped a six-year-old child and thrown it into the hallway – now a suspect is in custody. Its striking appearance helped the researchers track down.

The man who allegedly kidnapped a six-year-old girl in Halle last Sunday and thrown it in the hallway has been in custody since Saturday afternoon. A judge had previously followed up on the prosecutor’s request for arrest, said prosecutor Klaus Wiechmann of the German news agency. The 24-year-old from Halle was then taken to prison.

On Friday afternoon, the police arrested the suspect at his workplace. After the manhunt with a phantom image, countless clues came in, Wiechmann reported. “Several people recognized the suspect in the photo.” The man’s signature haircut made recognition easier. The man was also easily identified on surveillance camera recordings due to the partly shaved and partly colored hair.

Girls only in their pajamas

In addition, further traces charged the arrested man. A nine-person investigation team named “Elsa” had previously dealt with the case intensively.

According to the investigation, the six-year-old was seen in the family’s apartment around 7:30 that morning. When her disappearance was noticed, she was reported missing. The suspect would mainly have carried the girl in his arms through the city center of Halle. The girl only wore pajamas in cold temperatures. According to the information, she lives with her parents a few hundred meters from the Saale.

Suspects entered the family home

Two joggers discovered the child in the river at around 8:30 am last Sunday and retrieved it from the cold water. Before that, there were calls for help. The police initially knew nothing about the girl’s health on Saturday. According to information from the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”, the girl was taken to a hospital after the rescue, so there was no danger to her life.

According to the magazine, the suspect broke into the family’s home and kidnapped and injured the girl. Accordingly, the accused must be a criminal record. The allegations at the time had nothing to do with pedophilia or violence against children, the newspaper writes.

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