Jannatul Yusra, a Bangladeshi child living in Italy, got lost in a deep forest on an educational tour two years ago. The skull of 12-year-old Usha has been recovered from a mountain forest in the northern province of Brescia. The local police confirmed the information after DNA testing.

The country’s police are investigating whether Yusra was killed by a human trafficking ring or killed by a ferocious animal. However, Yusra’s parents are blaming the negligence of the school authorities for her daughter’s death.

It is revealed that Bangladeshi couple Lytra-Sonia’s daughter Yusra. Father Qazi Mohammad Litton has been a resident of Brescia since 1995. Due to some signs of mental disability, the USR arranged special care in a special school according to the prevailing Italian rules. He went on an educational tour in the mountainous jungle on 19 July 2016 and was lost due to the negligence of the group operator.

Since missing, Yusra could not be saved after conducting a six-month-long search operation using specially trained dogs, sophisticated drones, professional divers, as well as all the best technology in the world. A timely rescue operation was called off despite the fact that the body was not found, with the local administration giving information about the possible death of the child.

Finally, on 4 October, the paramilitary police force Carabinieri rescued a skull from a mountainous forest in the province of Brescia, northern Italy. The Brescia Police ensured the DNA test on the skull. After DNA testing at the lab, it was announced that it was the missing Usher’s skull.

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