The east coast of the US is currently experiencing heavy snowfall. Flights had to be canceled and there were power outage warnings. Is the vaccination campaign that has just begun running into problems?

A few days after the start of the corona vaccination campaign in the US, a severe snowstorm hit the east coast of the US. Big cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia were covered in snow on Thursday, and hundreds of flights were canceled a week before Christmas. At Baltimore Airport, a passenger plane landed slightly off the icy runway, but no one was injured. According to media reports, several fatal car accidents have occurred in the region.

According to the US Weather Service, the states of New York and Pennsylvania have seen more than two inches of snow per hour since the early morning hours. For New York, the experts predicted the heaviest snowfall in four years. They also warned of massive traffic delays and power outages in several states on the East Coast. Authorities in the Massachusetts capital, Boston, declared a state of emergency as a precaution.

Bad weather warnings had been issued for the entire east coast from Maine to South Carolina. About 60 million people live in the region.

Feared for consequences for the vaccination campaign

The Corona test centers are temporarily closed in a number of places. Bad weather could also jeopardize the vaccination campaign that has been running in the affected states since Monday. New York and Pennsylvania authorities, as well as delivery services FedEx and UPS, said they have taken precautions to avoid delivery disruptions.

The snowstorm was bad news for New York restaurateurs: They had to close their outdoor patios, which they rely on in the corona pandemic. But many people also enjoyed the snow: people took to the streets in costumes or fought snowball fights in Times Square.

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