Bad polls, the Corona debacle and then your own illness. In the program, Chillreport highlights Donald Trump’s chances in the presidential race, where he absolutely has to score and what the many early voters mean for his challenger Joe Biden.

A record number of Americans have already voted and polling stations in the US are set to close on November 3 at night. Will Donald Trump remain president for four more years or will Democrat Joe Biden take up residence in the White House? Biden is clearly ahead of the polls. But Hillary Clinton also had a clear lead in the 2016 forecasts. Donald Trump eventually made the race.

In the Chillreport studio in Berlin, Washington correspondent Fabian Reinbold and chief reporter Sven Böll, together with moderator Philip Friedrichs, analyzed the situation a week before the elections. Can she still be saved for Trump? And how reliable are the forecasts for this year? You can see the broadcast in the video or above here.

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