Some of Turkey’s top social media platforms have been fined 30 million Turkish lira. This amount is 32 crore 36 lakh 16 thousand 174 rupees in Bangladeshi currency. Turkey’s Information and Communications Technology Authority (BTK) on Friday imposed a fine as a punitive measure. The companies were fined for failing to appoint local representatives.

Social media platforms that are visited more than 1 million times a day are covered by this fine. These include popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, LinkedIn, Daily Motion and TickTalk. Each of them has been fined Tk 32 crore separately.

A new law has come into force on social media in Turkey since 1 October. He was fined 10 million Turkish lira for failing to appoint local representatives within the first 30 days of the new law. In the second round, a fine of 30 million Turkish lira was imposed.

Yeni stated that Turkish advertisers would be banned from advertising on platforms if recruitment was not completed within 90 days. If that does not work, the bandwidth will decrease. However, if a local representative is appointed, the 75 percent penalty will be waived and the required bandwidth given again.

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