Space-X is about to go to Mars with rockets from people and stuff. But the test of that rocket was not successful. Even after starting the journey properly, the fire broke out during the landing. The rocket was launched for a total of six and a half minutes.

Space-X founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the experiment was a success. However, the pace was very high during the descent. This was for low pressure in the fuel tank. My team has got all the necessary information.

The rocket extended eight miles or 13 kilometers. The Space-X rocket has reached 100 times higher altitude than the previous attempt. The rocket’s test launch was discontinued in Texas last Tuesday.

There was a lot of curiosity about the launch of this rocket. The rocket was built using the latest technology. It was 180 feet long. It had a raptor engine. His pieces are scattered on the landing pad. After the fire, the rocket exploded and broke to pieces.

Amazon CEO and Blue Origin Rocket Company founder Jeff Bezos praised the launch. “Those who know the subject will understand how hard the staff worked behind the curtain,” he said. He has done a commendable job.

Only last month, Space-X set up a space center for NASA. He took another flight with his men from the Florida Space Station. This time his goal is to send people to Mars. So they built a 394-foot rocket stand.

Musk said that people would land on Mars in six years. If luck is on your side, it will come down in four years. Source: DW

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