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The first attempt went wrong – and there were problems with the second too: a SpaceX rocket went up in flames when it landed. Tesla boss Elon Musk was nevertheless satisfied.

A new rocket from the space company SpaceX exploded on landing after a test flight. Due to a problem with the fuel system, the speed of the unmanned rocket was too high on the landing approach, SpaceX founder Elon Musk reported after the test on Wednesday evening (local time) in the US state of Texas via short message service Twitter – and was nevertheless satisfied: “We have all the data we need.”

The prototype of the “Starship” had previously climbed to a height of approximately 12.5 kilometers, on Tuesday a take-off attempt was canceled just 1.3 seconds before the scheduled take-off due to an engine problem. In the previous tests, the prototypes have only been shot to about 150 meters. The purpose of the experiments is to test individual elements of the new missile. According to Musk’s plans, “Starship” will one day carry cargo and people to the Moon and Mars. “Mars, we’re coming,” Musk noted after Wednesday’s test.

The founder of SpaceX wants to make “Starship” completely reusable. In SpaceX’s current “Falcon” rockets, only some of the stairs land back on Earth for reuse.

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