Spain’s protests clashed with police against restrictions imposed to prevent coronovirus infection. Police have arrested several people suspected of being involved in Saturday night’s clashes. There were incidents of looting and vandalism in several cities during the protests. French news agency AFP reported.

The biggest protest was held in Madrid. The protesters here shouted freedom slogans. They set fire to garbage cans and set up temporary barricades on the city’s main roads. The clashes occurred when the police tried to remove them. The protesters fired brick and stones at the police.

Spain’s emergency services said at least 12 people, including three police officers, were lightly injured in the clashes. Police said at least 32 people have been arrested.

In Logono, the capital of the La Ronja region, a group of protesters set fire to garbage cans and smashed windows of several shops.

Spain imposed a night curfew last week. Protests have begun in Spain since the announcement of the closure of new bars and restaurants to prevent the spread of Corona. Young men, wearing hoodies and masks, forcibly entered the clothing store and were seen visiting various places in photographs published on social media.

Police have arrested six people in Lograno. A national police spokesman said ten people from two other cities have been detained.

In Malaga, protesters set fire to dirty baskets and threw bottles at police.

Earlier, the protesters clashed with the police on Friday night. At least 20 police officers were injured that day. Twelve people were arrested.

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