SPD – Saskia Esken: Proceedings suspended due to declaration of “Covidiots”

The SPD chairman called people who demonstrated against the hygiene regulations “Covidiots”. This has met with criticism – but falls under the freedom of expression, as the judiciary has now established.

The term “covidiots” that SPD party leader Saskia Esken uses for the protesters against the Corona measures falls under the freedom of expression from the perspective of the Berlin prosecutor’s office. On Wednesday, the prosecutor’s office checked hundreds of similar criminal charges against Esken for suspected insult and closed the proceedings without opening an investigation.

The pointed formulation “Covidiot” as expression in the political dispute in the corona pandemic is not punishable and falls under the freedom of expression, according to the public prosecutor. According to a statement from Esken, the ads were received on Twitter.

Esken criticized the corona helicopter demonstration

“Thousands of Covidiots are celebrating themselves in #Berlin as ‘the second wave’, without a hole, without a mask,” Esken wrote on the occasion of the first major demonstration in Berlin on August 1. More than 20,000 people demonstrated in Berlin that day and hygiene regulations were intentionally ignored.

Last weekend there were again large demonstrations against the Corona measures in Berlin, in which no fewer than 38,000 people took part. There too, the minimum distances were not observed in many places.

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