SPD wants to significantly expand the welfare state

According to a report, the SPD wants to respond to the corona pandemic by restructuring state aid. This is evident from the resolution document of the Bundestag parliamentary group.

The SPD group wants to expand the welfare state considerably in response to the corona pandemic. “The welfare state is there when you need it. It is the central authority that keeps society, but also our economy together,” says the decision note for Thursday’s parliamentary group meeting, which is available for the newspapers of the Funke media group. . The SPD wants to do away with the Hartz IV basic security in its current form and replace it with a citizen benefit: “ To do this, as a first step, we will implement the Federal Constitutional Court ruling and allow payments in ALG II coverage of more than 30 percent exclude. Even the stricter We want to abolish sanctions for under-25s. “

A new state-subsidized working time for families should give workers with children more freedom to raise or care for a family member. “The family’s working hours, combined with a government subsidy, should make it possible to reduce working hours for both parents. This will help to live family and paid work as partners,” said group vice president Katja Mast of the Funke newspapers.

“Germany should be the most child-friendly country in Europe”

In addition, the rights of the child should be enshrined in the Basic Law and a legal right to all-day care for children in primary education introduced. “Germany should be the most child-friendly country in Europe,” the group wrote in the newspaper.

The SPD in the Bundestag meets in the afternoon at 3 pm. First of all, party chairman Rolf Mützenich, candidate for Chancellor and Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz and party leaders Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans want to speak with the MPs. How the social situation developed during the pandemic, the Social Democrats want to discuss with Verdi boss Frank Werneke.

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