Berlin (dpa) – BVB sports director Michael Zorc has described Bayern football star Robert Lewandowski (32) as a “perfect striker”, but sees his own striker Erling Haaland (20) at eye level.

“Erling is now certainly further than Robert at the age of twenty,” said the Dortmund team leader of “Bild”. However, it is difficult when you compare players where the age difference is so great. Lewandowski has developed into a perfect striker over the years. “I really trust Erling to do everything because he has this extreme inner drive to constantly want to improve. An unstoppable greed.”

Tonight (6.30pm / Sky) longtime rivals Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will meet at the Geister Summit. Zorc answered the question of whether there was any money left to top up in the winter due to the corona losses with “no”. He believes that all clubs currently feel that this crisis, as in almost all areas of society and the economy, is leaving deep marks and is still leaving it behind. “And I think we have relatively little leeway for economic reasons.” In addition, Zorc made it clear that he was planning the entire season with Jadon Sancho.

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