Star – Neymar: “Racism and bigotry unacceptable”

Paris (AP) – Brazilian star striker Neymar von Paris Saint-Germain apologized for his behavior after the incidents in the game against Marseille, but renewed allegations of racism.

“Racism and bigotry are not acceptable,” Neymar wrote in an Instagram post. “Racism exists, but we have to stop it. Not anymore. It’s enough.” The 28-year-old saw the red card in the final phase of the league game against Olympique Marseille, because he hit his opponent Alvaro Gonzalez on the back of the head with the flat hand.

Neymar later denounced the Spaniard as an “idiot” via Twitter and regretted not punching him in the face. The reason for his withdrawal was racist remarks, Neymar reiterated. The referees did not respond when he pointed out the racist statements, Neymar wrote. “Today, with a cool head” he should have ignored it and followed the “path of clean football”.

He accepts his sentence, but hopes that the perpetrator will also be punished. Gonzalez and Marseille coach André Villas-Boas had rejected the allegations after the game.

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