Start – The Corona concept of football: shaking hands prohibited

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Based on the medical-hygienic occupational safety concept of the Sports Medicine / Special Game Operations Task Force, the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga start the new season at the weekend.

This now also applies to the test operation decided on Tuesday with 20 percent of the stadium capacity concerned.

The concept is already version 3.0 – the experts led by country team doctor Tim Meyer have regularly updated the 87-page guide to reflect developments in the corona pandemic. The German news agency lists important aspects:

– The concept also applies to the 3rd division, the Bundesliga for women and the DFB Cup. The 36 professional clubs have now enshrined it in the statutes of the German Football League (DFL). As with last season’s ghost games, the newspaper continues to provide strict hygiene measures, regular testing, permanent monitoring and adapted organizational processes in match and training operations.

– Compared to previous versions, the organization and testing was split into three levels: the “high” level applies from 35 new infections per week per 100,000 inhabitants in the respective district of the clubs and the adjacent districts, the “middle” level between five and 35 new infections. In both cases, a minimum of two tests per week are scheduled. The “low” level applies to five new infections and requires at least one test per week. In the case of a high pandemic level, the last test must take place at the earliest 36 hours before the start of the next game, in the case of medium and low levels no earlier than 52 hours in advance.

– Even with a low pandemic level, there are still strict requirements, such as no shaking hands before kick-off, no children running in and no mascots in the interior. Trainers and escorts must keep the minimum distance on the bench. The number of people allowed is precisely specified in each zone of the stadium. After the last whistle, the following applies to the pros: Use the showers in small groups if possible, individual showers recommended.

– The concept includes four areas of action: the continuous registration of Covid-19 diseases and their progression in all clubs for the whole environment of the teams and the referees. Testing the individuals involved in training and competition for infections, depending on the pandemic activity. Logistical and organizational measures to minimize the risk of transfer to the training and competition location. Admission of viewers in limited numbers and under defined controls, depending on the pandemic activity.

– Active monitoring of the measures by the task force in the sense of disciplinary measures is not foreseen. The clubs are responsible for implementation.

– The association team members have also received guidelines for private household hygiene: from “No contact with the neighborhood or the public” (high pandemic level) to “Less contact with the neighborhood or the public” (low pandemic level). The following always applies: do not use public transport.

– If a player or team member shows symptoms, they should be isolated immediately and tested at home or placed in the car and quarantined using the “drive in” method. Contacts are also tested in consultation with the respective health department.

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