Courts in the United States have rejected Trump’s election procedures. Now the camp of the current president wants a final decision in the Supreme Court. The ministers of justice of the states are taking up their position.

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In the dispute over the outcome of the US presidential election, fronts are building up before the Supreme Court. On Thursday, six other states sought permission to join the Joining Texas lawsuit to overturn Joe Biden’s victory over incumbent Donald Trump. At the same time, 22 states and US territories brought their arguments against the Texas lawsuit. Trump has also previously filed to participate in the lawsuit.

After Trump’s lawyers and his supporters have failed in more than 50 cases with lawsuits against election results in courts in several states, the decisive legal battle is now looming before the Supreme Court. It is not yet clear whether the Supreme Court will even accept the lawsuit.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton indicted four other states on Monday. He argued that Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan had constitutionally violated the election. Therefore, the results there should not be taken into account. Paxton justified this, among other things, by the fact that voters were not treated equally and decisions about organizing the vote were not taken by the state parliaments, as the constitution provides.

Lawyers: Trump does not have to prove that fraud is fraud

Trump has been claiming since the November 3 election that he was only deprived of victory by mass fraud in favor of Biden. Neither he nor his lawyers put forward conclusive evidence, and recounts in individual states confirmed Biden’s victory.

Trump’s lawyers are now arguing before the Supreme Court that he doesn’t even need to prove fraud. It is only necessary to demonstrate that the procedure deviated from the guidelines set by local parliaments. They also claim that the alleged irregularities in individual states also destroyed evidence of the fraud so it can no longer be proven.

In addition to the electoral authorities, US Attorney General William Barr recently said that no irregularities or fraud have been found that could change the outcome of the election.

The results of each state are the key to winning the presidential election. The American president is not directly elected by the people, but by 538 electoral people who usually vote based on the result in their country. 270 of their votes are required for the win. According to the results of the November 3 election, Biden won 306 voters. The election of the electorate is scheduled for December 14.

“Seditious abuse of legal process”

In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, there are a total of 62 electoral votes. Paxton wants voters in these states to be either appointed by local parliaments or not appointed at all. In addition to the lawsuit, the Texan petitioned the Supreme Court for an order to stop all activities involving the electorate in the four states.

The four states sued by Texas also filed their response on Thursday. You didn’t skimp on sharp words. Pennsylvania, for example, condemned Paxton’s action as “incendiary abuse of justice.” In contrast, the justice ministers of 17 states expressed fundamental support for the Texas lawsuit the day before. Approval also came from 106 Republican members of the United States House of Representatives.

Even before the election, Trump had done everything he could to quickly fill a vacant Supreme Court seat with conservative attorney Amy Coney Barrett – referring to a possible dispute over the election outcome. The Conservatives now dominate the court with a majority of six to three votes. However, the Trump camp’s previous lawsuits were equally dismissed by judges, regardless of whether they were nominated by Democratic or Republican presidents.

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