US authorities have warned of severe flooding from Hurricane Sally. Alabama, Mississippi and Florida are especially at risk – it can be “life-threatening.”

In the United States, weather authorities have warned of life-threatening flooding from Hurricane Sally. The hurricane, traveling 165 kilometers per hour on the US Gulf Coast, was again upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane on Wednesday night, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). On Tuesday, it was lowered to the lowest level of 1 on the hurricane’s five-point scale.

Coastal areas of high risk: governors declare a state of emergency

Coastal areas in the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida are at particular risk from the hurricane, the NHC said. In some areas there can be up to 50 centimeters of rain. “Historic and life-threatening floods are likely in parts of the northern Gulf coast,” the NHC warned.

On Tuesday night, power went out in about 75,000 households in Alabama and Florida, the US Weather Channel reported. The governors of Mississippi and Alabama have declared their states a state of emergency.

“Risk of Loss of Property and Life”

“We are dealing with a record flood, maybe even a record high. The higher the water, the greater the risk of loss of property and life,” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey warned at a news conference.

“Sally” is one of five tropical cyclones currently active in the Atlantic Ocean – a phenomenon recorded only once in September 1971, according to meteorologists. It was not until late August that Hurricane “Laura” caused severe damage in the southern United States. States. At least 14 people died in the storm in Louisiana and Texas. US President Donald Trump compared “Sally” to “Laura,” but said the storm was “under control.”

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