British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that there is a strong possibility that Britain will fail to conclude the post-Brexit agreement with the European Union (EU). Speaking for the first time since the meeting in Brussels, he said that now is the time to prepare for a non-agreement between the organization and the people. The British media BBC reported this.

Johnson said negotiations between the two sides have not yet reached a situation where an agreement could be reached.

The United Kingdom will suspend compliance with the EU’s trade policy from 31 December. As a result, the time to reach an effective agreement is running fast.

The British Prime Minister met with Ursul von der Leyen, Chairman of the European Commission on Wednesday. However, there was no major progress in their discussion.

Publicly, both sides are stable in their positions. Von Dare Leon spoke of the need to start negotiations immediately without wasting time. Johnson insisted there was no flaw in the deal’s effort. However, many EU leaders have made it clear that Britain must meet certain conditions to remain a member even after leaving the European Union.

Boris Johnson said on Wednesday morning that it was not possible for any prime minister to relinquish his sovereignty to the European Union. Only when the EU abandons that demand can a good deal be possible

On the same day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected that possibility. Speaking in the lower house of the German parliament, he said that no risk would be taken in Britain’s interests by undermining the EU’s internal market interests. To reach this market of 450 million buyers and customers, the European Union must adhere to labor, social and environmental standards.

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