Unusual action in Baden-Württemberg amateur football: the Stuttgarter Kickers gave themselves a goal. The trigger was a previously misunderstood action by the opponent.

The Stuttgarter Kickers caused a sensation in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg with a remarkable fair play campaign. At the request of trainer Ramon Gehrmann, the former Bundesliga club scored its own goal on Saturday in the home game against FC Nöttingen.

“I’m a Catholic and there is an account up there”

Previously, the hosts across the street had scored the goal to make it 2-0, even though a Nöttinger was on the ground and a teammate had apparently deliberately played the ball out of bounds. After a brief consultation with the referee, the kickers coach then gave a shot into his own goal, which Lukas Kling executed just before half-time. De Stuttgart won the match 4-1.

“I’m a Catholic and there is an account up there, and you can withdraw and deposit money there,” Gehrmann explained after the game: “On Wednesday, we had a header against Ravensburg in the last minute. We took something from. the account Today it was probably the case that we used it to re-deposit and maybe there is a balance back.

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