We often dine at weddings or other occasions. It causes problems like gastric and shortness of breath in the body. Take the trouble of overwriting by following a few things.

Get rid of your negative thoughts
The first thing is to get rid of your negative thoughts about eating more. Any food that you like to eat more. But if you eat too much regularly, it will cause problems. It is healthy not to have wedding food or rich food all the time. Just as you have to control it, you also have to get rid of the negative attitude so that too much rich food can harm your body. Otherwise it can increase stress and physical problems.

Do light exercise
You do not have to work hard to burn the extra calories produced in the body at a wedding or a festival or after eating a completely rich meal. Give the body time to digest after eating. Excessive exercise can put stress on body and mind. So if necessary you can focus on walking or yoga practice.

drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water to get rid of food waste. Water maintains metabolism and keeps the body healthy. In this case, add coconut water and watery fruits to the food list.

Eat fibroid food
Make a habit of eating fibrous food to get the contaminants out of the body quickly. These foods keep kidney and liver fine.

Eat yogurt
Fermented or fermented foods such as yogurt, idli, pickles are very useful for getting rid of harmful substances from the body and keeping the digestive process good. So keep these foods in the list at all times.

Reference: Times of India

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