The people of New Zealand have recognized euthanasia in a referendum. As a result of this referendum decision, those who die will be able to voluntarily choose death from next year. British news agency Reuters reported.

A referendum on suicide was recently held during the New Zealand vote. Those results were announced on Thursday. It found that 75 percent of the people in the country are in favor of suicide. Full results have not yet been released. It will take a week to announce the final results of the postal ballot. However, experts believe that the postal ballot will not change the current result.

The Parliament of New Zealand will enact legislation to recognize the decision of the referendum. The law may come into effect later next year. However, not everyone, only those who die can resort to this law. Two doctors will examine the person and have to agree on the cause of death.

The country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has long supported suicide. He supported the outcome of the referendum.

Apart from suicide, there was a referendum on another issue. In a referendum on legalizing the use of medium cannabis, 53 percent voted and 48 percent voted in favor. However, this is expected to change with the postal ballot results.

The laws of most countries of the world do not support suicide. Some countries such as the Netherlands and Canada have recognized euthanasia.

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