The brutal images shocked the world: a police officer had pressed his knee to the African American’s neck for minutes. George Floyd later died. The officer was charged with murder – and is now free again.

The police officer charged with murder in the trial of African American George Floyd’s death has been released from prison on $ 1 million bail. The requested amount of approximately 850,000 euros was paid on Wednesday, according to court documents.

The police officer was released after pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck for about eight minutes when he was arrested – and didn’t stop when Floyd said he couldn’t breathe. The police officer, like the other agents involved in the operation, denies guilt for Floyd’s death.

Brutal scene sparked massive protests in the US.

The videotaped scenes of 46-year-old Floyd’s death in Minnesota in late May sparked violent protests in the United States and other countries. A salesman had called the police on suspicion that Floyd had paid with a bogus $ 20 bill. The videos show Floyd being confused when he was arrested, speaking of claustrophobia, and refusing to sit in a police car. The police eventually pushed him into the street.

The officer who put his knee on Floyd’s neck was charged with murder, and three other officers were charged with complicity. They requested that the case be dropped because Floyd’s death was caused by exposure to medication and drugs. According to previous plans, the trial should start in early March.

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