It was a tragic incident: a carousel starts at the “Potsdamer Oktoberfest”, although there are still two employees on the platform. A woman fell several meters and died. Your colleague has now received a suspended sentence.

After the fatal fall of a 29-year-old during a merry-go-round at the “Potsdamer Oktoberfest”, a colleague of the young woman was sentenced to ten months in prison. Both worked on the ride. The 48-year-old colleague of the aggrieved party was charged with negligent homicide in Potsdam Court.

The probation period should be two years, Judge Jens Nimz said Friday. The court thus joined senior prosecutor Harald Feles. The suspect did not appear at the start on Friday. The penalty is not yet legally binding: the suspect can appeal against the penalty for two weeks.

Carousel started to move without the usual alert button

The 48-year-old employee of the “Playball” fairground attraction is said to have accidentally started the carousel on September 29, 2019 by pressing the wrong button. According to the court, she should not have checked whether there were still people on the revolving platform with twelve gondolas.

The carousel then began to move without the usual alert button, even though there were two more employees on the platform. Neither could have left the ride because it was turning faster than normal.

A colleague was able to save himself

Despite the phone calls, the employee should not have noticed the two colleagues. A colleague managed to save himself and stuck to the middle. His 29-year-old colleague would have been thrown against a railing after about five innings and then to the ground. The woman fell several meters and sustained fatal internal injuries. According to eyewitnesses, a doctor who happened to be present tried to save the woman – but to no avail. After the accident, the festival was closed for the time being.

A penalty payment is a simplified and accelerated procedure. There can only be a maximum prison sentence of one year on probation.

Three days of negotiations were originally planned. The court wanted to hear five witnesses on Friday, including the employee who was able to save himself on the rotating platform. Children would have been among the other witnesses. The judge canceled the further appointments.

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