France is currently at the center of Islamic attacks. Swiss police reacted vigorously when a suspicious plastic bag was discovered outside the French consulate in Zurich. She is currently under investigation.

Apparently a suspicious object has been found outside the French consulate in Zurich. Various Swiss media report this unanimously. A police spokesperson confirmed the operation to the news portal “” and said a plastic bag had been found. The police do not assume that there is a bomb inside. Specialists are currently investigating the bag. The area around the consulate had been cordoned off as a precaution.

France is currently the focus of Islamist terrorists and the country currently has the highest level of terror warning. On Thursday, there was an alleged Islamist terrorist attack in Nice, in which three people were killed. In addition, a guard at a French consulate in Saudi Arabia was attacked with a knife. Just two weeks ago it was a teacher who showed cartoons of Mohammed in class beheaded.

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