Sven Mislintat has been sports director at VfB Stuttgart for more than a year and has very clear ideas about players for his club: they can sometimes “remain rude” or “scold the coach”.

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Sven Mislintat’s contract as sports director at VfB Stuttgart expires in June next year, but the former BVB chief scout sees his club in “pole position” when it comes to contract renewals. Mislintat told the streaming provider DAZN. Also because he wants to continue his mission in Swabia.

“I was brought in with the clear premise to give this club a face again,” said Mislintat. To do this, he is looking for players and talents who can build on the best years at VfB and identify with the club.

“Guys who remain bold” as VfB professionals

These could certainly be players who “occasionally skipped school, sometimes berated the coach,” says Mislintat in the “Matchday Feature” of the streaming provider DAZN. He adds, “Guys who stay bold, who aren’t in the clear conformance of an NLZ, who break out from time to time.”

Because according to the VfB sports director, these are the players who could later assume “a kind of leadership” and are “brave”. The club from the “Ländle” is currently in fifth place in the ranking as a Bundesliga climber and has to go to Schalke 04 today (8.30 pm / in the Chillreport live ticker).

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