The Vogtland is one of the most earthquake-active regions in Germany. It has been growling underground almost continuously for two days. The floor vibrates and there is a crack in the roof, residents say.

A swarmquake nowadays causes the earth in Vogtland to shake. On Sunday alone, the specialized portal “Earthquake News” registered more than three dozen tremors in the southwest region of Saxony.

A first rumble had been recorded before 5:00 am on Friday, too faint to feel. This was followed by nine additional shocks towards evening, the “strongest” with a magnitude of 2.0 on the Richter scale and an intensity of II on the European Macroseismic Scale (EMS), which some people could have felt by definition.

Since then, the earth has not come to rest in the border area with the Czech Republic. On Saturday, 39 vibrations of magnitude 1 and higher were detected by the end of the evening. 13 of them had an intensity of II and could therefore be noticed by a few people. 3 even fell to level three, meaning that people inside buildings may have felt a sway or slight vibration.

“Like a truck thundering by”

And in fact, countless users on “earthquake news” report rumblings, bumps and cracks in the roof structure. A user from Markneukirchen, who claims to live on the ground floor of a house, describes: “Like a truck thundering past, only without the engine noise, rumbling and vibrating in the ground.” Another reports: ‘We are in the attic, have just wrapped presents. Even here the roof creaked quite a bit. ‘

The Vogtland is one of the most active regions in Germany when it comes to earthquakes. Swarm tremors like the current one occur over and over here and often last for weeks or months. Rarely does the earth wobble so much that it causes great damage.

The strongest earthquake in the recent past nevertheless caused people to leave their homes for fear in late May 2014. On the Czech side, shocks with a strength of 4.2 to 4.6 caused chimneys to collapse and walls to crack. The Saxon side got out slightly: no damage was reported to the fire brigade at the time.

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