For the first time, Taiwan has started building submarines on its own land. The move comes as part of strengthening coastal security to counter China’s aggression.

The Sino-Taiwan conflict began in 1926. Civil war had spread throughout China at that time. In 1949, the Communist revolutionaries led by Maotse Tung ended the civil war by overthrowing the nationalist government. Nationalist leaders fled to Taiwan. They still control Taiwan. Initially, the war ended, but both countries began asserting themselves as contenders for China. The Taiwan-based government claims that China has been illegally occupied by communist revolutionaries. And the Beijing-based Chinese government considers Taiwan a separatist province.

Taiwan said on Tuesday (24 November) that it was strengthening its maritime defenses to stop China. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said, “By building the submarine, we want to send a clear message that Taiwan will not compromise on the security of its sovereignty.” . Construction of the first submarine is expected to be completed by 2024. There are currently two World War II ships in Taiwan and two Dutch submarines built in 1960.

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