Many are still working from home. As a result, the laptop is a workhorse. If you want to use this gadget regularly for a long time, then you have to take care.

Dust is one of the main enemies of the laptop. Excess dust accumulates and the laptop heats up easily. In addition, if the laptop slowly accumulates dirt, more problems may occur. So keep the laptop as clean as possible. However, you need to be careful while cleaning the laptop. To clean it, first turn off the power. Wipe loose laptop dust with a clean soft cotton cloth. You can use the keyboard brush to clean the keyboard. Compressed air cans can also be used. If there is too much dirt on the keyboard, dip the microfiber cloth in white vinegar and wipe it gently. When purchasing a new laptop, install a keyboard protector. If the laptop is a touch screen, then you should use Screen Protector. Never wipe the laptop with water or glass cleaner.
Make sure the laptop’s airway is clean. Sometimes clean the vent with a soft brush. Do not keep laptops near very hot places, heaters or kitchens. Closed car temperature is also high. So do not keep the laptop in the car for long. Many laptops have an air vent at the bottom. So it is better not to use a laptop in bed.
Do not keep thick books or anything heavy on the laptop. This can damage the display or keyboard. Turn off the display unit while working on the laptop. Be sure to backup important data before repairing your laptop. If the laptop suddenly breaks, you will have to format it very often. so be careful.
Use a laptop cover and a suitable laptop bag when traveling with a laptop. This will protect the laptop from dust, dirt, scratches or sudden injuries.
Use antivirus software on a laptop. Laptop viruses can be infected for many reasons, such as opening web pages, transferring files to a pen drive, and so on. Viruses can pose many threats, including trafficking of important information and damaging software. Free antivirus is also available online. But before you install them, get to know them better.

  • Keep tea-coffee or liquids away from the laptop.
  • Never move the laptop while holding the display.
  • Get your laptop from a trusted service center once a year.

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