Saint Petersburg / Moscow (dpa) – Former Bundesliga coach Domenico Tedesco does not want to renew his contract with Spartak Moscow, which expires at the end of the season.

He said so after a 1: 3 defeat in the top game of the Russian Premjer League against leaders Zenit St. Petersburg, the state agency Tass reported. He had already informed the owner the day before that he wanted his contract to expire in May. “That was the hardest decision in my career,” said the 35-year-old of the agency Tass.

He is proud of his time at Spartak. But due to travel restrictions following the corona pandemic, he would rather be with his family. “When I signed the contract, they could still fly to me,” he said. Schalke’s former trainer became Spartak’s trainer in October last year. Due to the pandemic, there has been no regular air traffic between Russia and the EU since the spring.

Last weekend, Tedesco was shocked after hostility from a Russian colleague. “I was told by the other bank that it was their country and that I had to leave,” he said. “I am shocked.” He didn’t think such a thing was possible. “We all love football. Xenophobia and violence should not occur in sports and in our society.”

The incident took place on Saturday during the meeting between FK Sochi and Spartak. The Muscovites lost the game 1-0. Sochi goalkeeper coach Dmitri Borodin shouted to the German-Italian: “This is our country.” Borodin confirmed this. The clubs had announced that they would clear the matter. Tedesco had taken over Spartak Moscow in the relegation battle more than a year ago and led the team to seventh place in the preseason. He is currently second with Spartak.

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